Whatever the season, imagine yourself comfortably lying in a large spa, out of sight, facing snowy Mont Blanc. Designed to accommodate 7 adults, you can relax in a state of weightlessness in water at 99°F.

As a real wellness and hydrotherapy center, you will free yourself from your tensions and benefit from real individual therapeutic treatments.


Do not worry anymore and let yourself go, your spa takes care of you. Simply select one of the 8 massage programs from the control panel and follow the cycle of the program. You will then be invited to move around the different areas of the spa depending on the jets.

The spa itself manages the lighting, the power of the jets and the duration of the cycles. It is transformed into a real wellness center thanks to the various programs each having a therapeutic effect on your body.

At the end of each massage session, cut the jets and enjoy the warm bath at rest, without massage for 3 to 5 minutes to rest the activated zones.

Access to the spa is included in the services related to the rental. We will not ask you for any supplement to enjoy it.

Images extracted from the "guide to well-being" reproduced with the kind permission of Clairazur.

Any questions? Please contact us: 

+33 7 81 01 63 63 - reservations@chalet-les-cerises.com

Chalet “Les Cerises” is located at Cordon, French Alps, in the heart of the Mont-Blanc Valley.

– 5 stars accommodation, Holiday renting (from saturday to saturday) –


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